Barcelona Web Projects

  • CID Corporate Identity
  • MKT Digital Marketing
  • DSG Graphic Design
  • MBL Mobile Solutions
  • SEO SEO Optimisation
  • DTF Social Media
  • WEB Web Design


How much do a web or a digital marketing campaign cost?

The cost of a web or of digital marketing campaign is proportional to the work involved; in CREACTIVITAT the budgets are based on the estimated hours of work of the whole team and there is no added cost of agency, which is very common in other agencies in Barcelona.

Why is there so much difference in the price of a quote made by different web studios or marketing agencies in Barcelona ​​if the approach to the project is the same?

Each design and marketing studio has its working methodology and there are several factors that affect the price; for example, if a studio has its own equipment, subcontracts to third parties or make websites from free Internet templates; the professional level of the team is also important. As a general rule, all design studios in Barcelona working under the same conditions offer very similar budgets.

Why are CREACTIVITAT websites and projects so different?

For everything that is seen and that is not seen when a project of ours launches.

How long does it take to produce a website?

Obviously, the time is proportional to the work involved in each web, but on average, the production of a face-to-face web takes between one and a half months; the one of a virtual store between two and three months, and the one of a large portal about four or six months.