gastronomy campus: bachelor’s and master’s

custom WordPress web design for a gastronomy university institution


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GASMA is the most international University of Gastronomy in Spain, associated with the Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia. The challenge of production and web design in WordPress, was to make usable access to the large amount of information that a university institution offers online.

This high-level project began with the creation of a Brand Communication Brand Book. The website, with a high volume of information and features, stands out for its usability on mobile phones and for everything that is not seen, such as the connection of admissions forms with the SalesForce platform that we make from Barcelona.

Creating projects at this level is a real challenge that only a highly experienced team can lead to success. We always bet on a usable and high-performance web design in WordPress when we work for an institution.


What differences in work does a web design and planning system for an gastronomy institution?

The most fundamental part, when proposing an institutional web design, is to establish clear roljobs so that both teams fit perfectly in the structure and organization chart, and more so in a University as it was in this case. The functional architecture that any institution usually has, makes the coordination of web production very complex since the amount of content is huge and they are highly specialized.