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The website is your company’s main image on the internet; it needs to convey values, personality and an image, as well as generating the users’ trust. Having a good custom web design without WordPress templates is fundamental to achieving conversions and we offer it to you from Barcelona.

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We approach web design and production from a perspective that is practical as well as aesthetic, never forgetting the users’ experience which in WordPress is perfect. We create conversion-focused strategies for your business, relying on design and tailor-made programming.







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What is the difference between a custom made Wordpress website and a Wordpress website made with a template?

A web produced from template offers limitations of design, security and growth of the web itself, and that without mentioning that the same template will be applied to hundreds of companies. In addition, WordPress templates usually offer serious problems when optimizing the website for search engine SEO positioning and implementing personalized digital marketing strategies.

Can a web made with web templates be customized?

Yes, as long as it is done following the rules and the many limitations imposed by the template itself.

Why does not CREACTIVITAT work with Wordpress web templates?

Because web design has to respond to the specific needs of each company and if we start by saying “This can not be done”, we’re going bad…

What do I have to do to maintain a website up to date?

On the one hand, the content of the websites we produce is completely self-managed, so there are no web maintenance fees. On the other hand we have a remote technical web maintenance service from Barcelona, ​​which works for bonuses of contracted hours or with a minimum monthly fee, thus ensuring that WordPress is always updated.

Why does CREACTIVITAT advise to host a website on its own server exclusively for customers?

In CREACTIVITAT we offer high performance web hosting, at cost price, because our benefit is the security and freedom that we have to work in our own web server located in a prestigious DataCenter in Barcelona. In addition, we can offer all the guarantees of operation without relying on third parties or intermediaries, while we become the only interlocutor and responsible for everything related to the day to day of a website.