technology and creativity
that never stops looking forward.


An independent digital agency in Barcelona, full of ideas and innovation with a team of own designers and web developers that has been building futures for our clients since 1998.

diseñadores web barcelona

We are strategists, designers, web developers and digital marketing experts from Barcelona; who share a passion for creating products, services and experiences that connect companies, brands and consumers.

CREACTIVITAT joins the “Contract for the Web” of the World Wide Web Foundation, the social responsibility initiative of internet creator Tim Berners-Lee; a global action plan to make our online world safer and empowering for everyone.

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Will the interlocutor in CREACTIVITAT always be a commercial?

In CREACTIVITAT there are no commercials, neither for the design and production of webs nor for the rest of online and offline services that we offer, such as digital marketing. The deal is direct with each area manager.

How does the company manage the talent?

The team of CREACTIVITAT has been stable for more than ten years, there is hardly any turnover because we know how to retain talent. For us it is key to have a professional team that knows perfectly all the details of a client. Despite this, we are always looking for new profiles thanks to our agreement with the University of Barcelona.

Does CREACTIVITAT finance the production of a web or digital transformation project?

No, although we can negotiate the payment in monthly installments, without any surcharge, from a certain amount. Furthermore, at CREACTIVITAT we are always up to date on local, regional or state financing options, such as the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Economy or the innovation coupons of ACCIÓ – Generalitat de Catalunya, facilitating its process if the company meets all the requirements.

What will happen to websites and digital projects if the company changes its activity?

If CREACTIVITAT ceased to operate as a web production company in Barcelona, ​​all customers would immediately receive access to the code of their website along with the alternative of continuing to work with a partner company.