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Always with the client in the center; we design tailor-made web design, creative digital strategies and marketing with results from Barcelona.


Barcelona agency accredited in web design, graphic design and digital marketing, located in the center of Barcelona. We provide 360 services to national and international companies that want to launch their digital projects with guarantees. We work with cross-sector web projects with all the specialists involved; graphic designers, web programmers and digital marketing experts. We plan tailor-made online strategies and custom web design from the center of Barcelona, from initial consultancy to internet marketing and mobile terminals with geolocation, through positioning in search engines SEO or digital transformation processes that companies need today; everything with the creativity and the illusion that Barcelona inspires us.


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we're much more than a website design agency in barcelona

We’re strategists

There’s no secret to designing a visually attractive website. We create website designs aimed at conversions; for us, an optimal website design ought to generate results. We build custom web design and digital strategies based on comprehensive analysis of each project from Barcelona. We achieve results: better positioning in search engines, greater generation of leads, more conversions and consequently higher sales of products and services.

We’re creative

Each website design is unique. We do not use off-the-shelf templates.

Do you have something in mind for your website design? We have a team of programmers who’ll be able to turn any requirements you have into code, without resorting to cookie-cutter templates.

Prefer to leave it to us? Our team of website programmers and designers will work jointly to put a range of tailor-made design options to you.

Once the proposal has been cleared with you, we’ll show you the final design totally optimised for search engines and mobiles.

We’re honest

We’re not going to offer you something you don’t need. Every project is unique and they don’t always require the same services and investment. Our website design agency in Barcelona takes the scope of each business into account; we offer the best prices possible and first-class quality in all our services.

We’re experienced

Very few design companies can claim, like us, to have been established in Barcelona for over 20 years, and we only have one secret: our customers’ success.

what will be my website look like if I use one of the best website design agencies in barcelona?


Speed is not only one of the main ranking factors in Google, it also affects the time that a potential customer is going to remain browsing your website. So at CREACTIVITAT Barcelona we guarantee a web design that’s fully optimised, fast and efficient.

Responsive and Mobile First Index

We take mobile technology into account and adapt the website design to every type of screen. More and more users are browsing on mobile devices; this means that if your design is adapted badly, it could lead to a loss of customers and conversions, leading to a bad user experience.


By virtue of being an agency specialising in website design, we can provide customised designs meeting the most widely-recognised international standards and compatible with all manner of platforms. This means there’ll be no other website like yours.


With our years of experience in digital marketing, we know what works. We collaborate with all economic sectors, with all kinds of businesses, sole traders and professionals, with the most advanced technology and unlimited resources to ensure your new website generates satisfied customers. We tailor the website architecture to the characteristics of each business.


All our websites benefit from a security certificate and resources for making secure payments, avoid fraud, hacking and sanctions. We have our own servers, without relying on intermediaries, to ensure your website has all the security measures required. Web design secure and with guarantee from Barcelona.


We start each project with a strategic consultancy to find the technological solutions and content that best suit your company’s line of communication. Graphic design, corporate identity, changing your website template to a custom web design in WordPress, adapting your website to the Mobile First Index, updating an APP, updating your online marketing or innovation In advertising campaigns with augmented and virtual reality, we will approach them from our long experience and proven professionalism. Discover some of the web design, SEO services, marketing and digital transformation projects that we manage from Barcelona.



Why should you work with a professional study instead of doing it with a freelance?

Creating a web project or a digital marketing campaign is complex and requires several specialized professionals working simultaneously. An experienced studio always has the necessary resources and offers a stability of collaboration over time.

How long does it take to design a web page?

Designing a web page is a complex task that requires a high level of knowledge and experience. Each project is different and, therefore, unique. However, the delivery time of a web design project could be estimated in an average term of 1 to 3 months depending on the type of web page.

Why does it cost to commission a graphic design, a web, an APP or an online marketing campaign to professionals?

A project evolves over time, so it is interesting to build a good foundation from a digital strategy and professional engineering. In this way, when modifications or expansions have to be made, it will not be necessary to start from scratch; only what really changes or evolves will be paid.

What is the difference between CREACTIVITAT web design and digital marketing services and another study of the same level?

The accumulated experience of more than 20 years, and personal treatment with the client in our Barcelona studio.

What global guarantees does CREACTIVITAT offer?

We were born when a website was just a string of infernal beeps that came from a modem that weighed half a kilo … if we continue here it is thanks to our customers, their trust and our work from Barcelona. Our best guarantee is the firm will to see how you surf the Internet with your eyes closed… and, seriously, our accreditation by ACCIÓ – Government of Catalonia.