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your image is everything

a brand needs to have more than an attractive graphic design;
it needs to connect naturally with new technologies
and… barcelona is the perfect hub for do it!


New technologies have a style of communication that differs from conventional graphic design, hence the importance of having a good corporate identity adapted to the digital medium.
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The collaboration between the client and our graphic design studio generates the best results. We’ll listen to your story, research your competitors and jointly define your goals. Our designers in Barcelona will keep your branding fresh and bright.







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What style or trend does CREACTIVITAT follow in its graphic designs?

We like clear proposals with very careful typographies so that our clients communicate their messages quickly. Fashions happen but good design remains.

Why is there such a difference in price between graphic design studios in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the great capitals of graphic design in the world, given the ratio of quality and training offered by the city. This ratio brings into play intangible value-added options that generate a lot of price difference on the same design project with similar results.

How is the graphic design process in CREACTIVITAT?

Our process of creation and design is totally transparent with the client; we confront the concepts and ideas before materializing the graphic design proposals to guarantee full satisfaction with the result. The image is everything for us.

What are the benefits for the client that CREACTIVITAT is a member of the Design Cluster of Catalonia?

We are partners in this design cluster since 2010, based in the Design Museum of Barcelona, ​​because we are always up to date with the latest trends and trends in the design sector. It is a quality guarantee added to our experience as graphic designers in Barcelona.