Corporate Identity

brand design & corporate identity barcelona

the brand customer design may be the king,
but not the art director

corporate identity and brand design are
the personality of a company,
what makes it unique and different from the rest.


Corporate identity and brand design must be what guides all of an organisation’s activities and Barcelona is the perfect location to do it. Everything that a company does and communicates extends its identity, strengthening or weakening it.


guide for corporate identity

To achieve this it is essential to be clear about the values and goals to be conveyed. We have to ask ourselves who we are, what we do and the audience we want to reach, in order to define the identity and successfully project it externally.

The barcelona design brand is a guarantee of quality.







importance of corporate identity


What is the difference between corporate identity and graphic design?

Creating an identity requires a deeper study of the semiotics to transmit to create an emotional bond with a brand. Graphic design is the means to capture this identity.

Is the Barcelona brand freely usable to be included in a graphic design or in a corporate identity?

The Barcelona brand has ceased to be the property of Barcelona City Council, so any company can use the word “Barcelona” in its communication or corporate identity, although it is convenient to use it in a respectful way with the quality image that the city have.

How important is it to define company values for brand identity?

Without clear company values ​​it is practically impossible to generate a powerful corporate image. In CREACTIVITAT we can also help you find those values ​​thanks to our joint Design Thinking sessions.

How do you measure if a corporate identity achieves its objectives?

The experience is a degree, that’s why our design studio guarantees you the first objective: that your company is reflected in your new brand.