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AB25 is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the advertising marketing and merchandising sector that offers, quickly and efficiently, the most suitable solutions for any type of promotional gift for companies. The website is a high-level WordPress store based on custom programming for dropshipping.

The complexity of programming and web design based on dropshipping, contrasts with a totally personalized, clean design where the usability of this WordPress store prevails, to convey the quality of service and products that AB25 offers its customers.

Usually, after creating the web navigation tree, we proceed to make the design for your approval. In this case, first, the aspects of the functional structure of the database for its dropshipping connection made in this WordPress store were worked on.

We achieved a clean and clear design result despite the important programming constraints for this WordPress store.

dropshipping wordpress


What's dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a technical specialty in the web programming of a conventional e-commerce or a WordPress store, where the data displayed in the online store is synchronized, usually every few hours, with external databases that provide updated information about stock, prices, etc This type of project requires a long experience of the web design agency in charge of its execution, due to the complexity of the connection between servers, data formats, images, product variants, etc. It implies a high knowledge and experience to be able to adapt the requirements to a custom web graphic design.