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ranking among the top search results in Google,
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is key to your website’s succes.


Because we need to always be ready for future actions we focus the strategy and design, taking web positioning into account right from the start. We are SEO digital agency and direct programmers in Barcelona. We create a web code that can be easily tracked by search engines. That’s the way we work.

seo positioning

We programme on-site from day one, optimising speed, titles, metatags, etc. We have been delivering comprehensive web optimisation plans in Barcelona for 22 years now and our digital agency know how to bring added SEO value to your business and image with our GOOGLE websites MOBILE FIRST INDEXING.







seo positioning


What guarantees do I have of appearing on the first Google page?

No one can guarantee that your website will appear on the first page of Google search results. Testimony to our work are over one hundred well positioned websites on the Google search engine. We know this is an arduous and slow endeavour but that it also yields excellent commercial results in the mid-term.

Is there a maximum time limit for positioning my website?

As we have said repeatedly, it is impossible to provide concrete results in SEO optimisation. It depends on the type of website, on the business and on the keywords used for the positioning. Even so, CREACTIVITAT can guarantee that your visibility will improve spectacularly and visits to your website will increase exponentially.

How many keywords can we rank for?

Your website will be positioned organically. In other words, all the content will be indexed by Google. We work with as many keywords as your website structure will allow, depending on the SEO plan you have hired.

How much does it cost to optimise a website for better ranking results?

The first factor that will condition the web optimisation plan that best suits your website is the degree of competence of the keywords we will be working with. We offer two standard plans designed for corporate websites, starting from 120€ a month.

Will I have to pay for web maintenance?

When it comes to launching a website on the market, we offer single payment plans. Having said this, we always recommend regular web maintenance. Just as Google constantly changes its algorithms, so must your website adapt to the new technical requirements in order to remain well positioned.

Can you optimise a website if our company is not in Barcelona?

Our offices are based in Barcelona and we provide our web optimisation services worldwide. We have customers in Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany… distance is never a problem.