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Elmeq is a company with more than 35 years offering movement and control solutions in the most demanding markets, betting on technological innovation, safety and quality.

The project required a total restructuring of the design and web developement, in order to launch a series of SEO and SEM campaigns to improve the positioning of the brand from Barcelona.

Due to the complexity of the product, CREACTIVITAT proposed the graph with a very structured presentation and a neat and refined display, supported by the corporate orange color that denotes the energy and determination of this team of professionals in the industrial sector.

For our agency, in Barcelona, this SEO and SEM positioning work was a very stimulating project given the micro-segmentation of the mechatronics sector.






The creation of innovative solutions for technology companies is a great step for the society progress and sustainable growth.

It is key that the industrial sector commits to a powerful SEO and SEM positioning project, such as this one that we present from Barcelona, since managers of large industrial companies usually believe that digital marketing is only for B2C.


How is an SEO and SEM strategy campaign for a micro-segmented industrial sector?

We know that the user of the webs with industrial content does not use search engines en masse to find new suppliers, since they believe that other channels such as fairs or networkings are more productive for them. For this reason, we propose the strategy of a SEO and SEM positioning project in professional online environments, committed to the creation of highly segmented campaigns in networks such as Linkedin to the detriment of others such as FaceBook or Instagram.