canine fashion design

branding and graphic design for fashion company


Fashion designer Mayte Siller had a project to create a new concept of ethical, ecological and sustainable fashion, for small pets. The objective was to introduce the brand to a high standing target and for this, a corporate identity, branding and graphic design were required for this canine fashion project.

CREACTIVITAT used the Design Thinking methodology to create the branding and corporate identity of the new brand; including naming, logo, e-commerce and other graphic items such as labels, triptychs and seasonal catalogs. That’s how Hey Puppies was born.

Once the brand was created, we began a digital strategy to position the brand internationally.

The digital strategy to position the brand managed, in just three months, to compete with the major industry benchmarks such as FabDog.

Apart from a good web design, one of the keys to the success of a project is to create a good branding that gives the new brand personality.


How is the target determined for a product as segmented as that of canine fashion?

The first factor to assess is the price of the product itself. The cost of this type of product places us in a target with high purchasing power, although we must also consider that segment of the population with a medium/medium-high profile that is capable of making efforts for its pets. Hence, branding aimed at a high level but with elements that make it accessible to other targets.

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