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The information out there on the internet concerning your company must maintain a quantity-quality balance. Positioning your website on search engines is a first step but when a prospective customer surfs the internet they are not just looking for a company but they also want to know what people are saying about it and how it communicates, for example in social networks. We manage your online reputation from Barcelona.


First of all we need to know exactly what image your company has on the internet. To do this we carry out an entirely manual audit of your online reputation, and also analyse that of your competitors with regard to meeting the set objectives.







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What factors determine online reputation?

Basically, those that generate trust in your brand, such as good reviews of your products and services or the future vision that your company projects.

What objectives do you need to aim towards in order to improve brand image?

Identifying and correcting public opinions on the internet concerning the brand, minimising negative entries on the one hand and, on the other, improving the company’s public communication by generating value added content.

Is online reputation management a one-off intervention?

There are situations where an image crisis arises, caused by a specific event. In this case you need to take immediate action to neutralise the negative information circulating on the net.

If my image on the internet is good, can I just forget about online reputation maintenance?

We don’t recommend it. A preventative management effort is required to control contents that are spread on the networks or on blogs.

How long does it take to improve brand image?

This will always depend on the brand’s initial image. Some actions have almost immediate effects whereas others are much slower because you can´t de-index external content on the search engines.

How does the management of its image on the internet affect my company?

Probably, in cases of dissatisfied customers for example, you may need to modify customer service protocols in order to prevent negative comments from going viral.