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With our services of backlinks and link building strategies from Barcelona we intend to optimise the profile of the links to your website. We create new quality links and clean up links that may be harmful for your website or that may pose a future threat.


We take into account three factors when creating new links: creating original content, identifying opportunities on the net and collaborating with external webs. To clean up harmful links, such as low reputation websites or webs penalised by Google, we abide by specific technical criteria so as to be able to delete them manually or block them with the tools we work with.







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Will I have control over the backlinks to my website?

We discuss the preliminary audit findings with you before we proceed to implement individualised contact with external websites. You will at all times be briefed on who we address and what we are doing on your behalf.

Apart from your linkbuilding service fees, are there any other fixed payments?

In the majority of cases we localise high reputation websites that charge for inserting articles or for being listed in their directories. These are one-off payments and low cost.

Will I have to feature links on my website to other websites that don’t interest me?

No. It is up to you to decide at all times who you want to reference from your website. Having said this, we can recommend placing external links in a coherent fashion so as to increase your website’s authority.

Do I need to generate new contents in order to help successful linkbuilding?

That’s right. If you just cut and paste text from your website and this is reproduced throughout the internet, this creates a duplication problem, which Google will detect and penalise.

What linkbuilding tools do you use?

We use various tools, given that the algorithms are different depending on the software that is being run. We detect the links to your website as well as new backlink opportunities by crossing information from different providers.

Will I find my competitors in the same directories?

This is quite possible. We choose by sector those directories that are more interesting when it comes to optimising your results on Google.