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71% of purchasers use mobile devices to start looking on Google and
78% of searches for a local business lead to a sale.


Mobile communication is a star that has scarcely started to shine. Overcoming the limits of the technology enables new experiences to be created and the sales channel to be extended to any platform, channel or digital mobile format. The mobile marketing and the Local SEO that carry out from Barcelona will help to retain the loyalty of your clients in mobility.

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There are many technologies that can help us innovate in mobile marketing or local SEO from Barcelona, but it is important to use them correctly so as to avoid free services that generally contribute neither to sales conversions nor to enhancing the company’s image.







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Is it really so important to bet on communication in mobile terminals?

If you ask this question is that you’re late; you just have to look down the street to where people look or what they have in their hands at all times…

Has Google changed its algorithm with the mobile boom?

Of the few things that Google transcends on its algorithm, the most important has been that it no longer “reads” a web as if we accessed from a desktop computer; he does it as if he accessed from a mobile phone.

This of the geolocation, is not the GoogleMaps?

The concept of geolocation is associated in all Google applications. First ask yourself where you are before showing the results, so these are conditioned to your location. For example, if you are in Barcelona and you are looking for “pharmacies” the search engine will show you the results of those closest to you.

What is Mobile Marketing?

The mobile technological infrastructure has created a new way of understanding advertising, given that potential customers can access information through many mobile channels; from classic SMS to QR codes, through APP’s, social networks, augmented reality, payment systems by NFC or m-commerce. Mobile Marketing focuses on creating strategies in mobility.