Digital Transformation

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the process is king

the new digital environment requires adapting
companies’ communication processes technologically.


Digital transformation entails adapting to the new logic technology presents us with. Whether they are conceptual or involve design and technologies, the most robust solutions come from optimising the process in its own right.

The technological revolution is still in its infancy; people and companies are constantly on the move towards new spaces and experiences. This rapid growth requires the evolution of digital products and services.

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New technologies exist that help us to innovate, although not all of them provide cost savings, convert into sales or help to improve a company’s image.








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This of the digital transformation, what is it exactly?

The world has already changed thanks to the massive introduction of new technologies in all areas of society. Digital transformation is the process by which a company adapts to this new reality with two central objectives: improve the customer experience and optimize the resources of the company itself.

What are the components of the digital transformation?

Every process of digital transformation has three components to deal with: people, processes and systems. Depending on the type of company or the degree of transformation, there will be some aspect that requires more attention and budget.

But then... do I have to digitize my entire company radically?

All digital transformation process must be proportional to the volume of the company. We recommend doing it progressively as results are obtained. The simplest, initially, is to start with communication and digital marketing to incorporate little by little more digital DNA in the company.

Are there public grants and subsidies for digital transformation processes?

Yes. For example, in Barcelona there is ACCIÓ, which is the agency for competitiveness of the company, which has several aid programs. The CEO of CREACTIVITAT has been an expert accredited by ACCIÓ in digital marketing in the field of cultural industries and experience, such as tourism or sports.